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2019/3/15 - 2022/3/14
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The significance of establishing ISO14001 environmental management system certification for enterprises:
1. Improve employees' environmental awareness, initiative and consciousness of abiding by the law;
2. ISO14000 series standards provide a set of systematic framework to help enterprises improve their environmental management capabilities. With the help of this set of standards, enterprises can establish a management system that meets the requirements;
3. It can prove to the outside that it follows the stated environmental policy and improves its commitment to environmental behavior, establishes a good image of the enterprise, and improves the reputation and degree of the enterprise;
4. It is conducive to meeting the needs of the market, users and interested parties, attracting investment, product sales and market development;
5. Adapt to the trend of green consumption and improve the competitive advantage of enterprises;
6. It is conducive to promoting technological transformation of enterprises, improving process technology and developing new products;
7. Enhance the understanding between the enterprise and surrounding residents, communities and relevant parties, and improve mutual relations;
8. It is conducive to the growth of economic benefits of the enterprise and the improvement of environmental protection awareness of all employees.
9. Promote the improvement of the organization, establish a self-discipline mechanism, formulate and implement management measures focusing on prevention, starting from the source and controlling the whole process. It has improved a set of scientific management tools that are complementary to legal governance to solve environmental problems, and opened up new ideas for human society to solve environmental problems;