YUANTAI Mild Steel Box Sections
YUANTAI Mild Steel Box Sections
YUANTAI Mild Steel Box Sections
YUANTAI Mild Steel Box Sections
YUANTAI Mild Steel Box Sections
YUANTAI Mild Steel Box Sections
Box Sections

Item specifics

0.5- 60 mm
OD(Outer diameter)
10×10-1200×1200mm 10×15-800×1200mm
Surface Treatment
Bare,painted,Galvanized,oil or REQUEST
as required
0.5-24M according to client requirement
ASTM A500/A501,EN10219,EN10210,SS400,etc
Gr.A/B/C, S235/275/355/420/460, A36,stkr490/400
Delivery Time
7-30 Days



Mild Steel Box Section Overview

It is named after its shape, which resembles a large iron box. Generally used as beams or columns in steel structures.The square tube section in the right figure is a steel box section.
Material:mild steel
Grade: Gr.A/B/C,E220,S275/235/355/420/460,SS400,
OD:20*20-1200*1200mm 20*30*800*1200mm
Wall Thickness: 0.5-60mm or custom
Length:0.5-24 M or custom
Tolerance:±5% or follow your needs
Shape: box section
Thickness: 0.5-60mm or custom

Mild Steel Box Section Yuantai Derun Steel Pipe Group
The specific drawings may vary and vary. Some are like "#" shaped, with all four sides coming out, others are like "mouth", and of course, there are also semi sealed ones. So when processing box shaped columns, it is necessary to have drawings, and some even need to add some reinforcement plates inside the columns. Some people also use large rectangular tubes instead of box columns. But due to production capacity limitations, the thickness often cannot meet the requirements. Most of the box columns are submerged arc welded, and one of the three seams needs special welding, which is difficult. General steel structure factories in China can do it, but each has different quotations.
Mild Steel Box Section Cost Information
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Common problems with mild steel box section
Q:Steel structure steel box section
A:As shown in the figure below, 1 is the reinforced plate with a dashed line in the figure. It is a steel plate, and the weight is calculated based on the steel plate. 2 is the I-beam in the shear groove, and the weight is calculated by multiplying the calculated length by the theoretical weight of the I-beam
Q:Is a steel structure box column a solid web column or an open web column?
A:The box columns of steel structures are solid web steel columns.
Q: What suborder is the box column cover?
A: Column foundation projects, which are similar in structure.
Q: Theoretical weight formula for steel structure box columns?
A: The weight of four steel plates can be calculated separately and then added. The theoretical weight of 1mm thick steel plate is 7。
Q: How to calculate the theoretical mass of steel box beams with box columns?
A: How to Calculate the Theoretical Mass of Box Column GZ400 * 1000 * 12 * 12 Steel Box Beam ZGL1400~350 * 700 * 12 * 12. The actual box beam column is made of four steel plates welded together. The plane size of GZ400 * 1000 * 12 * 12 is 400 * 1
Q: Construction of high-rise steel structure residential buildings: box concrete columns
Box column concrete column is a type of column in which high-strength (C50) grade concrete is poured inside the box column, and a partition is added to support the middle of the box column, forming a mechanism where two materials complement each other and work together. This solves the problem of excessive deformation occurring first before the strength reaches its limit under load. It has the characteristics of high bearing capacity, good seismic performance, and simple construction. Generally, every four floors (each section is about 12 meters long) are used as a production and installation unit, and the entire steel pipe column is lifted in place at once, creating conditions for the installation of the main structure in a flow process. After the box shaped column is wrapped with a fire resistant board, the fire resistance limit of the steel tube concrete column is greater than three hours, meeting the fire protection requirements of high-rise buildings.
The processing of H-beams and the welding of bolts should adopt reasonable processes to minimize residual stresses caused by welding, and use reasonable means to correct errors.
The model of high-strength bolts and the contact surface of high-strength bolts require first grinding with a grinding wheel, with the grinding direction perpendicular to the direction of the component's stress. During installation, remove floating rust with a steel wire brush, and conduct anti slip coefficient tests on the friction surface according to the specifications. The anti slip coefficient is required to not be less than 0.35
Structural Design Data: Steel Structure Construction Box Column Manufacturing and Assembly Process Method
1. First, take the above cover plate as the assembly benchmark, set out the diaphragm and side web Assembly line respectively on its assembly surface according to the requirements of the construction drawing, and mark with a sample punch.
2. Assemble the upper cover plate and partition plate first, and assemble them on the tire mold. After assembly, welding must be completed before proceeding to the next process.
3. Before assembling the web, it is necessary to check the flatness of the web. During assembly, use one direction to locate the middle stiffening plate first, and then locate the web.
4. The overall assembly of the box structure shall be carried out after the completion of the U-shaped structure. Firstly, the edge of the U-shaped structure's web plate shall be corrected to ensure its unevenness is less than L/1000. Then, the web plate assembly positioning line shall be set out on the lower cover plate, and it shall be flipped and assembled with the U-shaped structure in one direction. The positioning spot welding method shall be symmetrical.
5. The last side of the partition is welded using electroslag pressure welding, and special equipment is used for electroslag pressure welding.
Engineering pricing knowledge: What is the specific classification of steel columns?
(1) Solid web steel pipe columns, concrete steel pipe columns
Solid web steel pipe columns are steel pipes made by welding steel plates or seamless steel pipes. The concrete poured inside the steel pipe is a concrete steel pipe column.
(2) Solid web box column, concrete box column
A solid belly box shaped column is a closed box shaped column welded with steel plates, and a concrete box shaped column is formed by pouring concrete into the space inside the box.
(3) Welded H-shaped steel columns, hot-rolled H-shaped steel columns, concrete welded H-shaped steel columns (hot-rolled H-shaped steel columns)
Thick steel plates for welding H-beams( δ 25 δ 20) Welded H-shaped steel columns, hot-rolled H-shaped steel directly using hot-rolled H400 × three hundred × ten × 16 or H500 × three hundred × eleven × 15. H900 × three hundred × sixteen × Steel columns made of 28. H-shaped steel external pouring concrete, that is, concrete welding or hot-rolled H-shaped steel columns.
H-beam specification representation method: H-height (distance between outer surfaces of wing plates) × Wing width × Web thickness × Wing plate thickness
(4) Cross shaped steel columns, concrete cross shaped steel columns
Cross shaped steel columns are made of thick steel plates δ 25 steel columns welded into a cross shape, and the cross shaped steel columns are externally poured with concrete, which is called concrete cross shaped steel columns.
Product details of YUANTAI Mild Steel Box Sections(SHS size Complete specifications,queto Substantial benefits)
Mild steel Square box section-Yuantai Derun

Pipe orifice leveling

Mild steel Square box section-Yuantai Derun Group

The surface shall be painted to prevent oxidation

Mild steel Square box section-Yuantai

Uniform thickness

Mild steel Square box section-Yuantai Steel

High yield

thin wall Mild steel Square box section-Yuantai Derun

The inner wall of the pipe shall be flat and smooth without burrs

Mild steel Square box section-Loading

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