EN10219 S355MLH square rectangular mild steel tube gp square tube
EN10219 S355MLH square rectangular mild steel tube gp square tube
EN10219 S355MLH square rectangular mild steel tube gp square tube
EN10219 S355MLH square rectangular mild steel tube gp square tube
EN10219 S355MLH square rectangular mild steel tube gp square tube
EN10219 S355MLH square rectangular mild steel tube gp square tube

Item specifics

0.5- 60 mm
OD(Outer diameter)
CE,LEED,BV,PHD&EPD,BC1,EN 10210,EN10219,ISO9000
Surface Treatment
Black painted or REQUEST
as required
0.5-24M according to client requirement
Hollow section: ASTM A500/A501,EN10219,EN10210
Delivery Time
7-30 Days



S355MLH square rectangular mild steel tube China manufacturer yuantaiderun
I. Introduction
In the ever-evolving steel industry, various types of steel pipes and tubes are used for different applications. One such category is the S355MLH square steel pipe. Alongside it, there are rectangular mild steel tubes, including the popular 2x4 rectangular tubes and rectangular pipes. These are manufactured by reliable mild steel tube manufacturers, with the GP square tube being another common variant.
II. S355MLH Square Steel Pipe
A. What is S355MLH Square Steel Pipe?
S355MLH square steel pipe refers to a type of steel pipe that has a square cross-section with a specified wall thickness. It is made from steel alloy and has excellent structural strength and durability. The "S355MLH" designation denotes the material grade of the pipe, indicating specific requirements for mechanical properties and chemical composition.
B. Benefits and Applications of S355MLH Square Steel Pipe
The S355MLH square steel pipe offers several benefits, making it a preferred choice for various applications. Its key advantages include high strength, resistance to corrosion, and exceptional weldability. This pipe is commonly used in construction, engineering, and infrastructure projects, where its structural integrity is crucial.
III. Rectangular Mild Steel Tube Manufacturer
A. Importance of a Reliable Manufacturer
When it comes to purchasing rectangular mild steel tubes, choosing a reliable manufacturer is of utmost importance. A trusted manufacturer ensures the quality and performance of the tubes, providing peace of mind to customers.
B. Qualities to Look for in a Rectangular Mild Steel Tube Manufacturer
To find the right rectangular mild steel tube manufacturer, consider factors such as their experience, certifications, production capabilities, and adherence to quality standards. A reputable manufacturer will have a track record of successful projects and satisfied customers.
S355MLH Chemical Composition
Carbon ≤ 0.14%, silicon ≤ 0.50%, manganese ≤ 1.50%, phosphorus ≤ 0.030%, sulfur ≤ 0.025%, niobium ≤ 0.05%, vanadium ≤ 0.10%,
Aluminum ≥ 0.020%, titanium ≤ 0.05%, nickel ≤ 0.3%, molybdenum ≤ 0.20%, nitrogen ≤ 0.02%
S355MLH mechanical properties
Wall thickness ≤ 16mm: yield strength ≥ 355MPa, tensile strength ≥ 450-610MPa, elongation ≥ 22%
16mm <  wall thickness ≤ 40mm: yield strength ≥ 345MPa, tensile strength ≥ 450-610MPa, elongation ≥ 22%
IV. 2x4 Rectangular Tube
A. Overview of the 2x4 Rectangular Tube
The 2x4 rectangular tube is a popular variant of the rectangular mild steel tube. It has a rectangular cross-section with dimensions of 2 inches by 4 inches and a specific wall thickness. Its precise dimensions make it suitable for various applications where structural support and load-bearing capabilities are essential.
B. Versatility and Uses of the 2x4 Rectangular Tube
Due to its strength and dimensional characteristics, the 2x4 rectangular tube finds applications in diverse industries. It is commonly used in construction projects, such as building frames, supports, and structures. Additionally, it is used in manufacturing equipment, infrastructure development, and transportation systems.
V. Rectangular Pipe
A. What is a Rectangular Pipe?
A rectangular pipe, similar to a rectangular tube, is a hollow structural section with a rectangular cross-section. It is made from mild steel, ensuring strong and reliable performance. Rectangular pipes are known for their durability, versatility, and ability to withstand heavy loads.
B. Advantages and Uses of Rectangular Pipes
Rectangular pipes offer several advantages, including high tensile strength, resistance to corrosion, and ease of fabrication. They are commonly used in industries such as construction, automotive, furniture manufacturing, and agricultural machinery. Their versatility allows for a wide range of applications in different settings.
VI. Mild Steel Tube Manufacturer
A. Importance of a Reputable Mild Steel Tube Manufacturer
Selecting a reputable mild steel tube manufacturer ensures the quality, reliability, and performance of the tubes. It guarantees that the materials used are of the highest standards, meeting the required specifications. Working with a reputable manufacturer provides assurance in terms of durability and structural integrity.
B. Factors to Consider When Selecting a Mild Steel Tube Manufacturer
Choosing the right mild steel tube manufacturer involves considering various factors. These include the manufacturer's reputation, certifications, quality control processes, adherence to industry standards, and production capabilities. It is crucial to choose a manufacturer with a proven track record and a commitment to customer satisfaction.
VII. GP Square Tube
A. Understanding GP Square Tubes
GP square tubes, also known as galvanized square tubes, are square-shaped hollow sections made from mild steel. They undergo a galvanizing process to provide enhanced corrosion resistance. Galvanization involves coating the tube with a protective layer of zinc, ensuring long-term durability and preventing rust formation.
B. Applications and Benefits of GP Square Tubes
GP square tubes find widespread use across various industries due to their corrosion resistance and robust nature. They are commonly employed in construction, fabrication, infrastructure projects, and even in the creation of furniture. GP square tubes offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for applications requiring strength and resistance to the elements.
VIII. Conclusion
In conclusion, understanding the different types of steel pipes and tubes available in the market is crucial for anyone involved in the steel industry or related sectors. This article highlighted the features and benefits of S355MLH square steel pipes, rectangular mild steel tubes, 2x4 rectangular tubes, rectangular pipes, mild steel tube manufacturers, and GP square tubes. By selecting the right products from reliable manufacturers, individuals and businesses can ensure the success and longevity of their projects.
Q: Are S355MLH square steel pipes suitable for underground applications?
A: Yes, S355MLH square steel pipes can be used in underground applications, thanks to their corrosion resistance and excellent structural strength.
Q: Can rectangular mild steel tubes be customized according to specific dimensions? 
A: Yes, reputable manufacturers offer customization options for rectangular mild steel tubes to meet the unique requirements of different projects.
Q: Are 2x4 rectangular tubes readily available in the market?
A: Yes, 2x4 rectangular tubes are commonly stocked by steel suppliers and manufacturers due to their popularity and widespread use.
Q: What is the difference between a mild steel tube and a rectangular pipe?
A: While both are variations of the rectangular shape, a mild steel tube refers to a hollow structure, whereas a rectangular pipe has a solid cross-section.
Q: Can GP square tubes be used for outdoor applications?
A: Yes, GP square tubes are well-suited for outdoor use as the galvanization process protects them from corrosion caused by exposure to the elements.