EN10025 2004 S355J0 Hot Roll Steel plate
EN10025 2004 S355J0 Hot Roll Steel plate
S355J0 steel plate



EN10025 2004 S355J0 Hot Roll Steel plate
EN10025 2004 S355J0 Hot Roll Steel plate
Hot Roll Steel plate
Continuous casting or blooming slabs are used as raw materials, heated by a walking beam heating furnace, descaled by high-pressure water, and then enter the roughing mill. The roughing material is cut, tailed, and then enters the finishing mill for computer-controlled rolling. After the final rolling, it is cooled by laminar flow (computer-controlled cooling rate) and coiled by a coiler to form a direct coil. The head and tail of straight hair curls are often tongue shaped or fish tailed, with poor accuracy in thickness and width. There are often defects such as wave shaped, folded edges, and tower shaped edges. Its coil weight is relatively heavy, and the inner diameter of the steel coil is 760mm.
1、 Introduction to S355J0 steel plate:
S355J0 steel plate is mainly used in bridges, ships, power station equipment, lifting and transportation machinery, mechanical manufacturing, and other engineering and welding structural components that bear high loads. S355J0 is classified as low alloy high-strength steel, steel grade S 004, code 1.0553.
2、 S355J0 steel plate implementation standard: 
The technical standard implemented by S355J0 is EN10025.
3、 Delivery status of S355J0 steel plate:
Hot rolling or normalizing+tempering, the specific delivery situation should be specified in the quality assurance certificate.
4、 Manufacturer of S355J0 steel plate:
Yuantai Derun can produce, ensuring the delivery of inspection and performance rolling. The element content and mechanical properties of the European standard S355J0 normalized steel plate are reliably guaranteed, and it is generally possible to choose to roll according to user requirements.
5、 S355J0 steel plate chemical composition:
Steel grade
≤ 0.030
≤ 0.030
≤ 0.012
≤ 0.55
6、 Mechanical properties of S355J0 steel plate:
The small yield strength of the corresponding thickness of the grade (MPa) corresponds to the tensile strength of the corresponding thickness (MPa)
S355J0 ≤ 16mm Small yield strength: 355;
S355J0 16-40mm small yield strength: 345;
S355J0 40-63mm small yield strength: 335;
S355J0 63-80mm small yield strength: 325;
S355J0 80-100mm small yield strength: 315;
S355J0 100-150mm small yield strength: 295;
S355J0 150-200mm small yield strength: 285;
S355J0 200-250mm small yield strength: 275;
S355J0 < 3mm tensile strength 510-680;
S355J0 3-100mm tensile strength 470-630;
S355J0 100-150mm tensile strength 450-600;
S355J0 150-250mm tensile strength 450-600;