galvanized steel water pipe
galvanized steel water pipe
galvanized steel water pipe
galvanized steel pipe water

Item specifics

0.5- 16 mm
OD(outer diameter)
Surface Treatment
as required
0.5-12M according to client requirement
ASTM A53/A106,EN10219,EN10210, JIS
Customers't Requirement
Delivery Time
7-30 Days



galvanized steel water pipe

Galvanized Steel Water Pipe Advantages

1. Galvanized steel water pipes, due to the protection of hot-dip galvanized zinc layer, have strong environmental and corrosion resistance capabilities, and are often used in water treatment and wastewater recovery systems, playing a key role in fast transmission, long service life, and recyclability. The cost of galvanized coating on pipelines is lower than that of other coating treatment layers, and it is resistant to chemical corrosion, ensuring the purity of water quality.
2. Galvanized steel pipes for drinking water have high strength and durability, which can ensure the stable operation of the pipeline system and reduce cost waste and environmental pollution caused by pipeline damage.
3. In energy-saving heating systems, galvanized carbon steel pipes can effectively transport hot water and steam. Compared with traditional cast iron pipes, galvanized carbon steel pipes have better insulation performance, reduce heat loss, and thus improve the energy efficiency of heating systems.
4.In the field of renewable energy, solar energy, wind energy, and other fields, galvanized steel pipes have also played a key role. For example, in a solar water heater system, carbon steel galvanized pipes are used to transport hot water, with excellent corrosion resistance and durability, ensuring the stable operation of the solar water heater system.

Why Yuantai Derun?

galvanized steel pipe water
Steel pipe orifice leveling
 galvanized steel pipe water orifice is very flat,Tight weld
galvanized steel pipe for water
The steel pipe surface is smooth
The surface of the galvanized steel pipe for water is smooth without burrs
galvanized steel pipe for drinking water
No joint pipe
There is no joint in the finished galvanized steel pipe for drinking water
High quality raw materials
High quality raw materials
Brand large factory direct supply
Each steel pipe 100% complies with international standards
Each galvanized-steel-pipe-for-drinking-water is inspected layer by layer
galvanized steel water pipes
Yuantaiderun accepts galvanized steel water pipes OEM,ODM,OBM

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Steel pipe forming unit
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Strict Product Inspection

Each galvanized steel water pipe must pass the inspection layer by layer. Only the galvanized steel water pipes that pass the inspection can leave the factory. Never let an unqualified galvanized steel water pipe flow into the market
size test
impact test
hardness test
Chemical postion test
salty test

Certificate For Galvanized Steel Water Pipes

BC1 certificate for galvanized steel water pipes
factory production control certificate,ln compliance with the requirements of BC1:2012 and the Building and Construction Authority, Singapore
EN10210 for galvanized steel pipe for drinking water
Manufacture of Hollow Sections :This certificate proves that the performance stability meets the performance of European standards
Manufacture of Hollow Sections :This certificate proves that the performance stability meets the performance of European standards
BV certificates
This certficate is issued to attest that Bureau Vveritas Marine & Ofishore has perormed, at the above company's request and in compliance withthe requirements of NR320,a satisfactory assessment of the manudacturing facilities and associated quality procedures related to the ranrge of therecogniition.
EPD certificate
Environmental Product Declaration
Product Health Declaration
ISO14001(GB/T 24001)
OHSAS 18001(GB/T28001-2011)
ISO9001 for galvanized steel water pipe
The production of rectangular pipe and hot-dip galvanized pipe, the sales and service of metal materials, and the quality management system meet the requirements
GB / t19001-2016 / iso9001:2015
JIS for galvanized steel water pipes
JIS G3466
Jis G 3466 : Carbon steel square and rectangular tubes for general structure meet JIS G3466 standard

Galvanized Steel Water Pipe Size


is galvanized steel pipe safe for drinking water?
Yes,high quality hot dip galvanized steel pipe is safe for drinking water.
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